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Golf Geek Software takes care of all your needs!

Once the customer has registered, the booking process seems to be easy and convenient for them to book their tee time.

Also is convenient for the customer to make changes or cancel their tee time.

Really can't find any negatives. Once we are educated on the technology it is very user friendly.

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Golf Geek Software is the Best in the Business!

Easy to use, great customer service, dynamic pricing interval in part with non prepaid options has increased our online rounds bookings tremendously, and has a waitlist option to alert players about when a particular tee time that they're looking for becomes available.

Get the occasional complaint of only having a limited number of prepaid times,

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GolfGeek is the perfect solution for both the golf staff and the player for online booking.

  • Golf Geek is super simple to use and to guide customers to utilize.
  • It requires minimal education to the customer in order for them to use it effectively.
  • The biggest upgrade we have seen is the waitlist feature, and we hope this continues to see attention and utilization going forward.

Players sometimes are confused when filling out the players names for their group.

Golf Geek Software


Golf Geek Software

Product Features and Services

Demand Based Pricing Booking Engine

  • Independently rated top 5 booking engine in the industry
  • Display up to 6 player types
  • Full facility branding
  • Pre-pay options or transaction fee options available

Waitlist Feature

  • Automatically fill last minute cancellation with our opt in waitlist feature
  • You control 100% of your golfer data

Automated Text & Email Reminders and Marketing

  • Dramatically reduce no-shows with automated tee time reminders,
  • Create automated marketing campaigns via email or text - based on customer behavior

Websites & E-Commerce

Generate More Leads, Sales & Profits: Elevate your golf course’s online presence and drive more traffic with a cloud-based, SEO-friendly website crafted by our team of experts. We prioritize search engine optimization (SEO)

Custom Management Dashboards

No more going to multiple locations to get your KPI's - Everything rolled up into one convenient location

  • Tee sheet data
  • POS data
  • Customer data
  • Pricing data
  • Financial data
  • Google analytics
  • Social Media

About our pricing

Our modular system allows you to scale up from a Booking Engine all the way to a full Marketing Suite of tools. This allows you to pick and choose the tools you need – without paying for the ones that you don’t. After working with thousands of owners and operators we have found that the best payment option is the one that suits YOUR business. We offer a variety of payment solutions to keep your owner and bookkeeper happy.

About our support

Our team will work with you to complete initial setup and help you optimize our suite of tools to streamline your operation.

About our roadmap

Golf Geek Software

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Booking Engine

Booking engines tailored for golf courses are specialized online reservation systems designed to streamline the process of scheduling tee times and managing golf course operations.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic means frequently (very frequently) changing. Technology used to deploy a dynamic tee time pricing strategy ensures unbooked tee time prices very frequently change. Typically, the prices change as time to expiration shortens and demand increases or decreases.

Wait List

Waitlist technology for golf courses is a digital tool designed to manage tee time bookings more efficiently. It allows golfers to join a waitlist for preferred tee times, automatically filling slots from cancellations or no-shows. This system streamlines operations, enhances customer satisfaction by offering fair access to in-demand tee times, and aids in maximizing course occupancy and revenue. It's particularly beneficial for managing high-demand periods and optimizing resource allocation.


This review explores golf course websites designed for both desktop and mobile platforms, highlighting their functionality and how they cater to the needs of golfers and course managers.

Online Store

Online store software is a crucial tool for any golf course or club looking to expand their reach and increase revenue.

SMS Customer Comms

SMS customer communication software is a powerful tool for golf courses and clubs to stay connected with their members and guests in a quick, convenient, and personal way.

eMail Customer Comms

Email customer communication software is a powerful tool for golf courses and clubs to stay connected with their members and guests. It allows for personalized and targeted communication, which can help to build relationships, promote engagement, and ultimately drive revenue.

Course Operations & Management

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Tee Time & Booking Management

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Course Operations & Management

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Tee Time & Booking Management

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More about

Golf Geek Software

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Golf Geek Software emerges as a specialized provider of revenue management solutions tailored explicitly for the golf industry. Offering a suite of services designed to enhance operational efficiency, drive golfer engagement, and maximize revenue, Golf Geek positions itself as a pivotal tool for golf course operators navigating the complexities of the modern digital landscape. This comprehensive analysis delves into Golf Geek Software's offerings, exploring how its technology can benefit golf courses while also considering potential challenges that may arise during implementation. Have you used Golf Geek Software? Write a review about Golf Geek Software HERE.

Overview of Golf Geek Software

Golf Geek Software distinguishes itself by focusing on a data-driven approach to golf course management, emphasizing demand-based pricing, advanced booking engines, and automated marketing strategies. Created by golf course operators for golf course operators, its suite of tools is designed to address the specific needs and pain points of managing golf facilities in today's competitive environment. The platform aims to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately drive more revenue for golf courses.

Key Features and Offerings

Booking Engine

Golf Geek Software's booking engine promises to increase rounds, collect more golfer data, and enhance golfer satisfaction. It integrates directly into golf courses' existing websites, allowing for real-time booking and management of tee times.

Marketing & Automation

The platform offers tools to grow the golfer database with every round booked, eliminating the need for manual syncing. Golf courses can quickly create and deploy marketing campaigns to engage all types of buyers, leveraging automated tools for targeted communication.

Texting & Waitlist Functionality

Advanced reporting dashboards provide insights into performance indicators, while specialized waitlist functionality aims to reduce no-shows and fill last-minute cancellations. This ensures that golf courses can maximize their booking potential and maintain high occupancy rates.

Demand-Based Pricing

Golf Geek introduces a shift from discount-driven to data-driven pricing strategies. By analyzing historical data, real-time demand, and occupancy, golf courses can optimize their pricing for every booking, appealing to a broad spectrum of customer types.

Websites & E-Commerce

The platform offers data-driven website development paired with e-commerce solutions, enabling golf courses to enhance their online presence and add revenue streams that help offset seasonal fluctuations.


With Golf Geek's reporting tools, operators can track results anytime, anywhere, and drill down on custom key performance indicators. This provides valuable insights into operations, helping to make informed decisions that drive revenue growth.

Advantages of Using Golf Geek Software

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making: Golf Geek's emphasis on analyzing historical and real-time data allows golf courses to adopt a more strategic approach to pricing and marketing, potentially leading to increased revenue.
  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Automated marketing tools and personalized communication strategies can help golf courses build stronger relationships with their customers, improving retention and satisfaction.
  3. Operational Efficiency: The suite's comprehensive nature, from booking to billing, streamlines operations, allowing staff to focus more on customer service and less on manual processes.
  4. Revenue Optimization: By employing demand-based pricing and filling tee times more effectively, golf courses can ensure they are maximizing their revenue potential across all customer segments.

Considerations and Challenges

  1. Implementation and Training: Adopting a new comprehensive system like Golf Geek Software may require a significant investment in staff training and adjustment to new processes.
  2. Integration with Existing Systems: Golf courses need to assess how well Golf Geek can integrate with their current operational systems and whether it can replace or needs to coexist with them.
  3. Cost Implications: While offering a broad range of functionalities, the cost of implementing Golf Geek Software, including subscription fees and additional charges for premium features, should be carefully evaluated.
  4. Reliance on Data and Connectivity: The effectiveness of Golf Geek's solutions depends on the quality of data and reliable internet connectivity, which could be limiting factors in some scenarios.


Golf Geek Software presents a compelling solution for golf course operators seeking to leverage advanced technology to optimize their operations, engage more effectively with customers, and maximize revenue. Its suite of data-driven tools offers the potential for significant operational improvements and business growth. However, the decision to adopt Golf Geek Software should be made after careful consideration of the specific needs of the golf course, readiness for digital transformation, and cost-benefit analysis. By evaluating these factors, golf course operators can make an informed decision on whether Golf Geek Software is the right technological partner for their facility.

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