Golf Course Technology: Annual Booking Engine Rankings

Our Comprehensive Approach to Ranking Booking Engines

In the dynamic world of golf course management, selecting the right technology is crucial. At Golf Course Technology Reviews, our mission, for this endeavor, is to provide golf course operators with independent, thorough, and practical information to help them make informed decisions about the booking engines they use.

Our goal is straightforward: to identify and rank the best tee time booking engines available in the market. But achieving this is no small feat. We understand the impact the right booking engine can have on a golf course's operations, customer satisfaction, and overall success.

Our approach to ranking these vital pieces of technology is multi-faceted, ensuring a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation:

  • Surveying Vendors: We start by inviting golf course technology vendors to participate in a detailed survey. This survey is designed to gather in-depth information about each booking engine, including its features, user-friendliness, and technological capabilities. Please see the full list below.


  • Client Feedback: Recognizing the importance of real-world usage, we encourage vendors to have their clients – the golf course operators – complete the same survey. This step aims to capture authentic user experiences and satisfaction levels. We will also encourage operators to complete this survey.


  • Golfer Feedback: We know important feedback to consider is that of the "booker". We do not maintain a golfer database. Therefore we will consider golfer feedback but it will not receive significant consideration.
  • Recorded Demos: To corroborate survey data, we solicit vendors for recorded demonstrations of their booking engines. These demos allow us to visually verify the features and functionalities claimed in the surveys.
  • Hands-On Testing: We believe in experiencing what we evaluate. Our team will use these booking engines in both mobile and desktop environments, conducting bookings without external assistance. These sessions will be recorded for an objective review.
  • Publishing Our Findings: The culmination of our research will be a comprehensive article. This article will not only announce our findings but also provide insights into the modern booking engine landscape.
  • Recognition for Excellence: In recognition of their performance, top-ranking vendors will be offered badges and marketing packages. This serves as a testament to their excellence and a guide for golf course operators in their technology selection. This step will not begin until our findings are complete and our article has been published. Vendors can object if they find we have worked our steps out of order.

We invite all golf course technology vendors, with a booking engine product, and operators to participate in this exciting endeavor. Your involvement is not just a contribution to a ranking but a step towards shaping the future of golf course technology. The insights and findings from this endeavor could be instrumental in persuading others to adopt booking engine solutions, especially for those who have yet to embark on this digital journey.

Complete list of booking engine criteria for our rankings:

  • User-Friendliness
  • Online Payment Options
  • Scheduling Flexibility
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Customization Options
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Reliability and Uptime
  • Security and Compliance
  • Account Login Features

Timeline for the Golf Course Technology Booking Engine Rankings

As we embark on this comprehensive project to rank the best tee time booking engines, we want to be transparent about our timeline and key dates. This will ensure that all participants are well-informed and can contribute effectively to the process.

Final Submission Deadline: February 12th

  • To ensure that your booking engine is thoroughly evaluated and considered for our rankings, we encourage all golf course technology vendors and operators to submit their information, complete surveys, and provide any additional documentation by February 12th. We are not limiting what can be sent for review. If your team wants to send slide decks, videos, image files and or more, you are welcome to do so. Begin this process by visiting our CONTACT PAGE. This deadline guarantees that your input will be included in our final analysis. While we will make every effort to consider information received after this date, submissions received by February 12th will receive priority in our review process.

Publication of Results: February 19th

  • Mark your calendars! We will publish the results of our extensive booking engine rankings on February 19th. This comprehensive article will not only reveal our findings but also provide deep insights into the current landscape of golf course booking technologies. Our goal is to offer an invaluable resource for golf course operators looking to make informed decisions about their technology solutions.

Remember, your participation and contributions are critical to the success of this project. By working together, we can create a benchmark for excellence in golf course booking technology.

What if your booking engine is not what you want it to be?

This endeavor will not be used to embarrass a company, product owner or others. While we intend to comment on nearly every tee time booking engine in golf, we will not use a negative approach. Additionally, we will not consider HOW booking engines are paid for and it is unlikely we will comment on the cost of a booking engine unless something stands out that materially impacts the experience of using the booking engine.

What will this mean for golf course operators and their technology vendors?

As we launch into this ambitious ranking process, let's acknowledge the competitive edge it brings to the forefront. Yes, the highest-ranking booking engines will earn well-deserved recognition and the benefits that come with such notoriety. However, the true victors in this endeavor are the golf course operators. Through this rigorous comparison and evaluation, operators gain a powerful tool - a clear, unbiased guide to choosing the technology that will best serve their courses and their clientele. This isn't just about winning a title; it's about providing real, tangible value to the heart of the golf industry. As we count down to February 19th, we are setting the stage not just for competition but for informed decisions that will shape the future of golf course management.

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