Product Features and Services

Golf and Simulator Operations

  • Intuitive interface
  • Waitlist capabilities
  • Advanced insights for decision making
  • Restriction management
  • Add-on modules for lessons, clinics, events, and more
  • Partnered with Square for POS

Racquet Club Operations

  • Intuitive interface
  • Customizable configurations
  • Easily split courts
  • Support lessons and clinics
  • Advanced insights for decision making
  • Partnered with Square for POS

Whoosh Booking App

  • Empower the players and support booking across entire facility
  • Crystal clear restrictions alongside real-time weather data
  • Group and individual messaging capabilities
  • AI and logic to make booking easy
  • Switch between different facilities

About our pricing

Whoosh is the most modern solution on the market and offers a risk-free trial and premium support to all of our customers. Our pricing is module based so you only pay for the tools you need to support your unique club’s needs.

About our support

Whoosh’s dedicated support team builds a relationship with your staff, ensuring open lines of communication (via call, text, email) when you need us the most, even if that’s after hours or on weekends.

About our roadmap

At Whoosh, we prioritize innovation and customer feedback to continuously improve our product roadmap, ensuring we meet the most immediate needs of our customers and stay at the cutting edge of technology.

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Booking Engine

Booking engines tailored for golf courses are specialized online reservation systems designed to streamline the process of scheduling tee times and managing golf course operations.

Tee Sheet

These systems are essentially sophisticated software platforms designed to optimize the booking process for both golf course operators and golfers.

Course Operations & Management

The Strategic Vision Behind Colin Read's Whoosh: Revolutionizing Golf Tech

Tee Time & Booking Management

The best booking engines in golf

Tee Time & Booking Management

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Tee Time & Booking Management

As Tee Sheet Vendors Multiply, Market Expansion Takes the Tee

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In the realm of public golf course management, the integration of technology and seamless operations plays a pivotal role in enhancing the player experience and streamlining administrative tasks. Enter Whoosh Golf Tee Sheet, a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution designed specifically for public golf operations. This innovative platform, proud of its modern, tablet-focused technology, has been introduced to public facilities to revolutionize the way golf courses operate, making it easier than ever for clubs to manage their day-to-day activities while offering an exceptional experience to golfers. Write a Whoosh user review using this SURVEY LINK.

Integrated Solutions with Square

Whoosh has strategically partnered with Square, one of the leading point-of-sale (POS) solution providers, to bring an all-in-one solution to public golf facilities. This integration is a game-changer for golf courses of all sizes, eliminating the need for multiple applications and integrations to power operations. With Whoosh and Square, golf clubs can effortlessly manage tee times, power simulators, schedule lessons or clinics, and connect customer profiles and payment terminals all from one platform. This streamlined approach not only simplifies operations but also enhances efficiency, allowing staff to focus on providing the best possible service to their customers.

Simplifying Operations

Whoosh's platform is designed to simplify the complexities of golf course management. It enables facilities to set rates, manage guests, add carts or caddies, and oversee beverage cart or retail transactions with ease. The software also offers unique features to manage facility restrictions and communicate effortlessly with staff or customers. Furthermore, Whoosh empowers customers through its Member Booking app, providing a convenient way for golfers to book their next round, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Data-Driven Decisions

One of the standout features of the Whoosh platform is its ability to provide public golf facilities with a holistic view of customer behavior. By synchronizing customer data throughout the entire journey – including punch passes, rain checks, gift cards, loyalty points, and more – the platform empowers staff to create memorable customer experiences. This integrated approach to data insights fosters enduring connections with golfers, encouraging repeat visits and loyalty to the course.

Seamless Payments

Integration with Square's sleek, professional hardware ensures that golf courses can start accepting payments immediately, without any hassle. Whoosh supports Square card payments, digital wallet payments, and Square Terminal, making transactions seamless for both the staff and the customers. This feature not only streamlines the payment process but also elevates the professionalism and efficiency of golf course operations.

Development Partnership Opportunities

Whoosh is not just a service provider but a partner in the continuous improvement and modernization of public golf facilities. The company is actively seeking public clubs to join as exclusive test partners for its groundbreaking software. This opportunity for collaboration allows clubs to contribute valuable insights that will refine and enhance the future of golf course management. Whoosh's invitation to become a development partner reflects its commitment to innovation and its desire to work closely with the golf community to build the "tee sheet of the future."

The Vision of Whoosh

Under the leadership of Founder and CEO, Colin Read, Whoosh is on a mission to modernize the world of golf. The company's vision extends beyond simply providing a service; it aims to transform how public golf courses operate, making technology an integral part of the golfing experience. By focusing on ease of use, integration, and data-driven insights, Whoosh is paving the way for a future where golf courses can achieve more with less, ensuring that both golfers and staff have a positive and fulfilling experience.


Whoosh Golf Tee Sheet represents a significant leap forward in public golf course management. Its innovative, cloud-based platform, integrated with Square's POS solutions, offers a comprehensive toolset designed to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and make informed business decisions. By simplifying payment processes, enabling easy communication, and providing valuable data insights, Whoosh is setting a new standard for how public golf courses can operate more efficiently and effectively. As the company continues to seek partnership with public facilities, its commitment to innovation and collaboration promises to bring exciting developments to the golfing world, making the sport more accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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