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Automated Waitlist System

  • POS API Integration
  • Profit Share
  • RevPAR Automated Booking
  • Future Price Demand Analytics
  • Lead Generation
  • Revenue Boost
  • Co-Marketing
  • Marketplace Listing & Distribution

About Loop Golf

Automatic waitlist tool books full-rate tee times for customers simply and easily. Course gets 100% of green fee rate and full contact details. More tee times (incl. backfilled cancellations) are booked automatically - no phone calls, no back and forth.

About our pricing

No-cost to courses (in fact, we pay you).

Golfers pay a booking fee for each full-rate tee time we book at your course and courses receive 20% profit sharing.

About our support

Dedicated support team

Each course partner gets access to a dedicated support team.

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Loop Golf

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Wait List

Waitlist technology for golf courses is a digital tool designed to manage tee time bookings more efficiently. It allows golfers to join a waitlist for preferred tee times, automatically filling slots from cancellations or no-shows. This system streamlines operations, enhances customer satisfaction by offering fair access to in-demand tee times, and aids in maximizing course occupancy and revenue. It's particularly beneficial for managing high-demand periods and optimizing resource allocation.

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Tee Time & Booking Management

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Loop Golf

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Loop Golf introduces a revolutionary approach to booking tee times, targeting both golfers and golf courses with its innovative solutions. Founded on the premise of eliminating the hassle commonly associated with securing tee times, Loop Golf offers a seamless, user-friendly platform designed by and for golf enthusiasts. This analysis will explore Loop Golf's features, benefits, and the transformative impact it aims to have on the golf industry.

Concept and Mission

Loop Golf emerges from a genuine passion for golf, coupled with the frustration experienced by many when trying to book tee times. The traditional process, often characterized by the need to navigate multiple course websites and the anxiety of securing a desirable time, prompted the creation of Loop Golf. The platform's mission is to simplify, streamline, and enhance the tee time booking experience, ensuring that golfers can easily find and secure tee times at their preferred courses without the traditional stress and time commitment.

Core Features

Automated Tee Time Booking

Loop Golf's standout feature is its 24/7 course monitoring, automatically booking tee times as soon as they become available based on the golfer's preferences. This ensures that golfers have the best chance of playing at their desired times without constantly checking for availability.

Extensive Course Network

Since its launch in mid-2023, Loop Golf has rapidly expanded, now servicing over 500 courses across the United States. This wide-ranging network increases the chances of golfers finding their preferred courses on the platform.

Revenue Sharing with Courses

Loop Golf not only aims to benefit golfers but also golf courses by helping fill tee sheets more effectively. The platform offers a profit-sharing model, returning 20% of its earnings from bookings back to partner courses, thus supporting their financial health.

Benefits for Golf Courses

Loop Golf presents several advantages for golf courses looking to maximize their tee sheet potential and enhance golfer satisfaction:

  • Increased Bookings: By making it easier for golfers to find and book tee times, courses can see higher occupancy rates, especially during off-peak times.
  • Profit Sharing: The unique revenue-sharing model provides an additional income stream to golf courses on top of the full green fees collected for each booking.
  • Golfer Data Access: Partner courses gain access to valuable golfer contact data, aiding in marketing efforts and community building.
  • Streamlined Operations: With Loop Golf handling tee time bookings, courses can reduce the burden on staff and allocate resources more efficiently elsewhere.

Customer Feedback

Testimonials from users like Oliver S., Ryan F., and Harry C. in Los Angeles, CA, underscore the platform's effectiveness in securing hard-to-get tee times and the potential for even greater value. Industry consultants, such as JJ Keegan, also recognize Loop Golf's commitment to booking at published rack rates, emphasizing excellent customer service.

The Founding Team

Loop Golf's leadership, particularly Head of Product Matt Holder, brings extensive experience from tech giants such as CarGurus/Autolist, Houzz, Zillow, and Trulia. Holder's background in product development and growth, combined with his personal passion for golf, positions Loop Golf at the intersection of technology and sport, promising innovative solutions for an age-old challenge.

Vision for Growth

Loop Golf's trajectory since its inception points to a broader vision of transforming how tee times are booked and managed. By focusing on both golfer satisfaction and course profitability, Loop Golf is poised to become a key player in the golf industry, fostering a more connected and efficient marketplace for tee times.


Loop Golf's approach to solving the tee time booking dilemma represents a significant leap forward for the golf industry. By automating the booking process and offering a profit-sharing model with golf courses, Loop Golf addresses the needs and challenges of both golfers and course operators. As the platform continues to expand its network and refine its offerings, it stands to redefine the golf booking experience, making it more accessible, enjoyable, and profitable for all parties involved.