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Tee Time Snipe

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Tee Time Alerts

Get a text or email alert when someone cancels and a tee time opens up.

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Free to the golf course - 3 tiers for golfers

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We offer support via our website or email.

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We do weekly updates to the site in order to continuously improve its experience.

Tee Time Snipe

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Wait List

Waitlist technology for golf courses is a digital tool designed to manage tee time bookings more efficiently. It allows golfers to join a waitlist for preferred tee times, automatically filling slots from cancellations or no-shows. This system streamlines operations, enhances customer satisfaction by offering fair access to in-demand tee times, and aids in maximizing course occupancy and revenue. It's particularly beneficial for managing high-demand periods and optimizing resource allocation.

Course Operations & Management

To scrape or not to scrape, a question for the golf industry

Tee Time & Booking Management

Wait list technology in golf wants a seat at the table

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